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Civil Rights

The 101st Airborne goes to Little Rock

Based on the group work, each student will write a 2-3 paragraphs (4-6 sentences) defending or disagreeing with the President's decision to send the 101st Airborne to Little Rock citing evidence from the readings.
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African Americans in World War I

Students will work together to analyze primary resources about African Americans in the Great War.
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Integrating the Military

Students will advise Truman on the integration of the US military after WWII. They will play the role of individuals who advise the President based on primary sources.
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President Truman's Civil Rights Policies Leading to Desegregation of the Military

After a review of African American military history, students will analyze three primary documents associated with President Truman's decision to desegregate the military.
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Truman's Commission on Civil Rights

Students will read a section from To Secure These Rights: The Report of the President’s Committee on Civil Rights and analyze the directions under the executive order and the interpretation by the committee of what they were supposed to accomplish.
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World War II as a Watershed in Race relations

This lesson asks students to consider the war years as equally important in pushing for racial equality.
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Life During the Nifty Fifties - Was it really all that Nifty?

This unit will engage the students in discussions, independent reflection with written summaries, research, and others to guide students to answer the question, was life during the fifties really nifty?
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Truman and Civil Rights: Analyzing Sources

This is a document-based-question assignment that requires the students to construct a coherent essay that integrates their interpretation of primary source documents and their knowledge of the time period referenced in the question.
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Desegregating Armed Forces

Students will research the historical cause of desegregating the Armed Forces.
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DePriest Tea Incident

Individual research to find contrasting evidence for change based on the 1929 DePriest Tea Incident.
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