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President Truman visits U.S. Naval Academy

President Truman visiting the US Naval Academy for a Navy - Penn football game. Pictured in the front row is (from left to right): President Harry S Truman; Superintendent of the Naval Academy, Vice Admiral Aubrey W. Fitch; Brigadier General Harry Vaughan; Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal; Rear Admiral Stuart H. Ingersoll; Admiral of the Fleet William D. Leahy; Press Secretary Charles Ross. Official U.S. Naval Photograph number 2671. Donated by Mr. J. E. Bradshaw.

Commanding Officers and Officer Graduating Class 2 of the U.S. Naval Training Center

Photograph of the commanding officers and officer graduating class 2. "General Course of Instruction for Dental Officers" - 23 July 1949 - U.S. Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois. Front row, seated, left to right: Cdr. W.R. Stanmeyer, DC, USN; Capt. J.S. Keating, USN, Commander, Naval Training Center; Capt. F.J. Grandfield, USN, Commanding Officer Administrative Command; Capt. C.W. Schantz, DC, USN. Second row, left to right: LTJG R.E. Beach, DC, USN; LTJG R.A. Keith, DCR, USNR; LTJG W.L. Lehman, DC, USN; LTJG R.H. Brah, DCR, USNR; LCdr S.C. Barrows, DCR, USNR; LTJG G.K.

Top officials of the National Military Establishment meet with Forrestal

Top officials of the National Military Establishment attend a special meeting to discuss military problems with Secretary of Defense James Forrestal at the Naval Base in Key West, Florida. From left to right, front row, are Admiral Louis E. Denfeld, United States Navy, Chief of Naval Operations; Fleet Admiral William D. Leahy, United States Navy, Chief of Staff to the President; Secretary of Defense James Forrestal; General Carl Spaatz, USAAF, Chief of Staff, Air Force; and General Omar N. Bradley, Chief of Staff, U. S. Army. From left to right, back row, are: Vice Admiral Arthur W.