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Truman family and staff, Key West, Florida

Group shot of the presidential party for the eighth trip to Key West, Florida. Front row, left to right: John Steelman, Mrs. Bess Wallace Truman, President Harry S. Truman, Margaret Truman, and William Hassett. Back row, left to right: Stephen Spingarn, General Robert Landry, Admiral Robert Dennison, Stanley Woodward, Charles Ross, General Harry Vaughan, General Wallace Graham, and David Niles.

President Truman giving morning mail dictation

President Harry S. Truman giving morning mail dictation to Yeoman Second Class Emil Kesselman while on vacation in Key West, Florida, as photographers make pictures for still, movie, and television release. Seated from left to right are President Truman and Yeoman Kesselman. Kneeling, left to right: unidentified; George Skadding, Life; Bradford Kress, NBC; Henry Griffin, Associated Press; John Sandstone, Telenews. Standing, left to right: unidentified; Frank Cancellari, ACME.

President Truman and Margaret walking

President Harry S. Truman and Margaret Truman on the way to the beach during a vacation in Key West, Florida, November 30, 1951. From left to right, in front: President Truman, Margaret, and Captain Cecil Adell. In back from left to right: unidentified Secret Service agent, General Harry Vaughan, Stanley Woodward, Commander Horace D. Warden, and Donald Dawson.

Sailors Pose for a Group Photo at Shangri-La, Maryland

Sailors and officers assigned to Shangri-La pose for a group photo at the Navy Rest Camp in the Catoctin Mountains of Maryland. Front row, left to right: J.A. Hare, J.H. Sherwood, A.G. Neal, J.E. Reeves, R.W. Lyle, unidentified man in black shirt, Michael Zook, C.H. Kilgore, D.J. Lewis, F.J. Chard, J.B. Miller, D.E. Wilson; back row, left to right: L.L. Prichard, G.L. Anspach, J.D. Tasker, J.D. Pate, T.B. Boies, H.H. Violette, J.H. Stafford, R.F. Hutt, P. Farrell, W.J. Dombrowski, and T.E. Wiles. The Camp is also used as a presidential retreat. It has been renamed Camp David.