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President Harry S. Truman with Boy Scouts

President Harry S. Truman posed with top-ranking Boy Scouts from all regions of the country in honor of Boy Scout week and was given a parchment and statuette. From left to right: Richard Goodrich, James F. McIntyre, Dale Gallagher, Morris L. Frye, Joseph E. Melton, Jack Brader, Daniel L. Soss, President Harry S. Truman, Myron T. Shervheim, John C. Wyatt, Thomas G. Sage, Reymond W. Schwab and Karl Young.

Boy Scout Hut

Boy Scout hut. Part of a series of snapshots showing various unidentified persons, probably family members of James E. Webb during various occasions. Some photos are also of nondescript places and dogs, all probably relating to the early life of Webb. Mr. Webb himself is seen in 97-1466 and 97-1467.