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Leslie Coffelt Funeral Services

President Harry S. Truman (center, right) and First Lady Bess W. Truman (center, left) attend the funeral services for White House Police Force guard and former U.S. Army draftee Leslie Coffelt at Arlington National Cemetery. Coffelt was killed while protecting President Harry S. Truman from an assassination attempt at Blair House on November 1, 1950. All others unidentified.

Military and Civilian Leaders Attend Reception in Hawaii

Military leaders in the Hawaiian area and prominent civilians attended a joint Army-Navy-Air Force reception honoring distinguished mainland guests at the Ft. Shafter Officers' Club on Friday, Sept. 2, 1949. This event was held following the formal dedication of the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific located in Honolulu. Standing third from the left is Lt. General Robert L. Eichelberger, former Commander of the 8th U.S. Army in Japan. Next to him is Mrs. Leslie J. McNair, widow of General Leslie McNair.