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Robert Landry at Shangri-La

Home movie depicting several scenes that involve an extended family group doing activities such as fishing in a lake, swimming in the pool,  lounging at the poolside. and playing badminton. Robert Landry is in several of the shots, along with several children and adults. Date unknown.

Key West -- March 1, 1948

Silent home movie-style footage shot by the US Navy during President Truman's March 1, 1948 trip to Key West. It includes dark footage of the President's press conference on the lawn of the Little White House; then moves on to the fishing exploits of the Presidential party; exploring rock walls; and tossing a football on the beach. Includes Clark Clifford, William Hassett, Mr. Bautista, Mr. Santiago, Robert Landry, Robert Dennison, and Eben Ayers. This film is edited with titles for each segment.

Baseball Players Shangri-La

The film begins with 2 unidentified children and 1 adult showing fish they caught. Baseball is being played toward the end of the film, evidently at Shangri-La, (now Camp David) in Maryland, much of it too dark to see clearly. Note on film box said: “Baseball Players Shangra La.” Date unknown.