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President Truman Receives Maine Salmon

Three Republican Congressmen from Maine present President Harry S. Truman with a salmon in the Oval Office. The ten-pound salmon was the first taken on fly from the Penobscot River. Shown from left to right: Representative Robert Hale of Portland; President Harry S. Truman; Representative Frank Fellows of Bangor; and Representative Charles D. Nelson of Augusta. Donated by the Chicago Sun-Times.

President Truman Receives New Bible From Dr. Weigle

President Harry S. Truman (left) accepts a new Revised Standard Version of the Bible from Dean Emeritus of the Yale Divinity School, Dr. Luther A. Weigle (right), in a Rose Garden ceremony at the White House. Dr. Weigle gave the book on behalf of the National Council of Churches as the chairman of the American Standard Bible Committee. Fifteen years of labor by 32 Protestant scholars went into the crafting of the RSV Bible, which was written in contemporary language. Other people are unidentified.