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President Truman Holds Frances Friedel During Whistlestop in Minnesota

President Harry S. Truman holds six year old Frances Friedel on the rear platform of his train during his whistlestop tour through Waseca, Minnesota, during the presidential campaign. Frances was aboard the train to present corsages to the First Lady and Margaret. Donor: New York Herald Tribune. Photograph was touched up by newspaper for publication.

Harry S. Truman is Driving into his Home in his new Dodge Custom Royal Lancer

Harry S. Truman is shown smiling as he drives into his home. An unknown young lady stands beside the car receiving a dollar bill from Mr. Truman. Mr. Truman has written on the front of this photo, "Dollar day in Independence as I returned from office. Taken at SW corner of yard as I turned in the alley. HST" He is driving his new Dodge Custom Royal Lancer.