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President Truman's Lincoln limousine

President Harry S. Truman's new super-special, custom-built, oversize Lincoln Limousine - first of a fleet of ten built for lease to the White House. The big car has gold-plated fittings in the rear compartment, special running boards for Secret Service men, and a shiny, padded leather top with sufficient headroom for high silk hats. Donor: New York Herald Tribune

Presidential Trip to Fort Benning, Georgia

Identified as President Harry S. Truman, standing in the center being greeted by Major General Percy W. Clarkson, Commanding General of the Third Infantry Division before a review of the troops. Standing to the left of Truman by the car door is Louis A. Johnson, Secretary of Defense. Onlookers are also in view. Photograph is part of a scrapbook identified as "The Infantry Center, Fort Benning, Ga., 21 April 1950. Visit of Harry S. Truman, President of the United States."