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Presidential campaign, 1952

President Truman, Rear Platform Remarks, Wolf Point Montana, September 29, 1952

President Harry S. Truman's Rear Platform Remarks, Wolf Point, Montana, September 29, 1952, 10:50 p.m. Transcript available in the Public Papers of the Presidents. The president gave two speeches in Wolf Point during his visit--this one late at night, and one early the next morning. Truman was campaigning on behalf of Adlai Stevenson for president.

President Truman Smokes Peace Pipe with Chief First To Fly

President Harry S. Truman meets with Native Americans on the rear platform of his train while on a Whistlestop tour in support of Adlai Stevenson's presidential campaign. He smokes a peace pipe with Assiniboine Chief First to Fly (shown at right with horned ceremonial head gear) in Glasgow, Montana. Two years earlier, President Truman had been made "Chief Bear Soldier" by the Assiniboine (Hohe Nakota) people. The other two Native Americans are unidentified. Donor: New York Herald Tribune.