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President Truman Receives Lincoln Bust from Cartoonists

President Harry S. Truman (far left) receives bust of Abraham Lincoln from cartoonists (L to R) Milton Caniff, Russell Patterson, and Harry Hershfield during a White House Rose Garden ceremony. The bust was made by sculptor Leonard Volk and presented in the name of the National Cartoonist Society, and is the Truman Library's artifact collection (item 741). See also photo 63-1421-01. Photo donated by Brian Merlis.

President Harry S. Truman with Boy Scouts

President Harry S. Truman posed with top-ranking Boy Scouts from all regions of the country in honor of Boy Scout week and was given a parchment and statuette. From left to right: Richard Goodrich, James F. McIntyre, Dale Gallagher, Morris L. Frye, Joseph E. Melton, Jack Brader, Daniel L. Soss, President Harry S. Truman, Myron T. Shervheim, John C. Wyatt, Thomas G. Sage, Reymond W. Schwab and Karl Young.