Tanks (Military science)

Tanks and men line the Neuisenberg, Germany highway as Truman passes in his sedan

Tanks and men of the 3rd Armored Division, 23rd Corps, Seventh Army, line a highway as President Harry S. Truman passes by in his sedan during his visit to inspect troops at Neuisenburg, Germany. President Truman has just left the Potsdam Conference for a quick tour of the American occupied area From Potsdam album, 1945

Sherman tank

A Sherman tank scores a direct hit on a concrete bunker while supporting infantrymen advance by fire and movement under cover of the steel giant during training at the Marine Corps School in Quantico, Virginia.

King Faisal II and Pince Abdul-Ilah touring the M-46 and M-47 tanks

Colonel McClune escorts his Majesty King Faisal II Al-Hashimi of Iraq and his Royal Highness Prince Abdul-Ilah, Regent of Iraq, on an inspection tour of the M-46 and M-47 tanks at Fort Knox. From photograph album, "Visit of his Majesty the King of Iraq and his Royal Highness the Regent of Iraq to the United States of America, August 12 to September 8."