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President Truman's Radio and Television Report to the American People on the Situation in Korea

President Harry S. Truman's speech was broadcast from the White House at 10 p.m. Recording was in two sections; there's a brief break where the second section begins. The speech is followed by the National Anthem, then music by the NBC orchestra, "March of the Kings." President Truman's speech is in the public domain, but music may be restricted.

Harry S. Truman in Television Broadcast about Harry Dexter White Case

Former President Harry S. Truman sits at a desk in a television studio (WDAF-TV) in Kansas City, Missouri tonight just before going on the air with a nationwide radio and television broadcast giving his side of the Harry Dexter White case. The former Chief Executive sits beneath a battery of lights before the cameras with his speech before him. From: Houston Post.

Former President Truman With Dr. Franklin Murphy During Rehearsal For a TV Program

Former President Harry S. Truman (second from left) at a desk with Dr. Franklin Murphy (at left) during a rehearsal for the Ford Foundation television program "Excursion." Dr. Murphy is the Chancellor of the University of Kansas. WDAF-TV crew and technicians also appear in photo. They are at the University of Kansas.