Adell, Cecil C., U.S. Navy officer

President Truman and Margaret walking

President Harry S. Truman and Margaret Truman on the way to the beach during a vacation in Key West, Florida, November 30, 1951. From left to right, in front: President Truman, Margaret, and Captain Cecil Adell. In back from left to right: unidentified Secret Service agent, General Harry Vaughan, Stanley Woodward, Commander Horace D. Warden, and Donald Dawson.

President Harry S. Truman Shakes Hands with George M. Brown

President Harry S. Truman shakes hands with United States Navy officer George M. Brown, just before his retirement on December 1, 1951. From left to right: Martin J. Bower, George M. Brown, Secret Service agent R. J. Jamison, President Truman, Captain Cecil Adell (mostly obscured), and Rear Admiral Robert Dennison. This ceremony took place during President Harry S. Truman's vacation to Key West, Florida, at the Boca Chica naval base.

President Harry S. Truman in the Presidential Motorcade

President Harry S. Truman (back seat, left) sits in the car during the Presidential motorcade as he arrives in Key West, Florida. Also seated in the back of the car are Captain Cecil Adell (center, in white uniform), and Admiral William Leahy. All others are unidentified. From: Naval Photo Center, sent to the Truman Library by the National Archives. Original 4 X 5 negatives