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Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865

President Truman Receives Lincoln Bust from Cartoonists

President Harry S. Truman (far left) receives bust of Abraham Lincoln from cartoonists (L to R) Milton Caniff, Russell Patterson, and Harry Hershfield during a White House Rose Garden ceremony. The bust was made by sculptor Leonard Volk and presented in the name of the National Cartoonist Society, and is the Truman Library's artifact collection (item 741). See also photo 63-1421-01. Photo donated by Brian Merlis.

Screen Gems Collection (outtakes from the television series "Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman")

Merle Miler interviews former president Harry S. Truman. They discuss the 1948 campaign, Margaret and Bess's involvement in it, the whistle stop tour, inaccurate press coverage of it, watching the 1948 RNC, and the inaccurate polling. He also reviews the campaigns of Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Grover Cleveland, and Andrew Jackson. Sound and picture.