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Pace, Margaret

Mrs. Bess W. Truman Receiving a Platter

Bess Truman poses outdoors with the wives of the Cabinet members during a luncheon at the home of former Secretary of State Dean Acheson. She is holding a large platter that was presented to her from the Cabinet wives. From left to right: Adele (Mrs. Robert) Lovett; Eda (Mrs. Charles) Brannan; Alice (Mrs. Dean) Acheson; Jane (Mrs. Alben) Barkley; Ann (Mrs. Oscar) Chapman; Bess W. Truman; Evlyn (Mrs. John) Snyder; Regina (Mrs. James) McGranery; Elizabeth (Mrs. Charles) Sawyer (mostly obscured); Helen (Mrs. Maurice) Tobin; Margaret (Mrs. Frank) Pace; Nell (Mrs. Jesse) Donaldson; unidentified.