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Perry, Milton F., 1926-

Recordings Related to Thomas Hart Benton's Mural at the Truman Library

Recordings related to artist Thomas Hart Benton, his family, and the creation of his mural, "Independence and the Opening of the West" at the Harry S. Truman Library in Independence, MO.

SR64-105-2 is in two parts. It has commentary between Truman Library curator Milton Perry and Thomas Hart Benton. It has extensive recordings of Benton's daughter, Jessie Benton, playing and singing music with her father. They play guitar and harmonica. It also begins a conversation with Benton's wife, Rita Benton.

Paul Henning, Ruth Henning, and Buddy Ebsen at the Truman Library

Left to right: Truman Library director Dr. Benedict K. Zobrist, Ruth Henning, television producer Paul Henning, actor Buddy Ebsen, and Truman Library curator Milton Perry stand in front of portraits of Harry S. Truman by Missouri artist George L. "Shag" Shultz. The Hennings presented the Shultz artwork to the Truman Library. Paul Henning, who was born in Independence, produced the show "Beverly Hillbillies," which starred Ebsen as Jed Clampett.

Interview of Thomas Hart Benton by Milton F. Perry about Creation of the Mural at the Truman Library

Interview with artist Thomas Hart Benton by Harry S. Truman Library museum curator Milton F. Perry about the creation of the Benton Mural, "Independence and the Opening of the West," in the lobby of the Truman Library. Benton goes through the history of the area, and describes the visual elements that make up the mural. This recording is also referred to as the oral history of Thomas Hart Benton.