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Redding, Jack, 1908-1965

President Truman receives bound German edition of Stars and Stripes

President Harry S. Truman receives a bound German edition of Stars and Stripes from Staff Sergeant Paul Elliott, managing editor, at the Little White House. The Little White House is the President's residence in Germany during the Potsdam Conference. Left to right: Private First Class Ernest Leiser, Berlin correspondent, Stars and Stripes; Staff Sergeant Elliott; Lieutenant Colonel Jack Redding, public relations officer; President Truman; Captain Max H. Gillstrap, editor of the German edition. From Potsdam album, 1945

President Truman is presented with bound volume of Germany Edition of the Stars and Stripes

President Harry S. Truman (second from right) is presented with a bound volume of the Germany Edition of the Stars and Stripes by Staff Sergeant Paul Elliott, Managing Editor of this edition. Also with the President are Colonel Jack M. Redding (third from the left), Army Public Relations Officer, Captain Max Gillstrap and Private Ernest S. Leiser, staff members of the Stars and Stripes. From the album, number 2: "President Truman's Trip to Potsdam."

Group photograph of President Truman with undersecretaries and aides of various executive departments

Dinner at the White House. Identified in the photograph: President Harry S. Truman; David K. E. Bruce; H. Freeman Matthews; Carlisle M. Humelsine; Adrian S. Fisher; John D. Hickerson; Charles E. Bohlen; John M. Allison; Howland Sargeant; Harold F. Linder; Edward H. Foley, Jr.; John S. Graham; Andrew S. Overby; Edward F. Bartlet; William W. Parsons; William C. Foster; Wilfred J. McNeil; Earl D. Johnson; Francis Shackleford; Fred Korth; Francis P. Whitehair; Herbert R. Askins; John F. Floberg; Roswell L. Gilpatric; James T. Hill, Jr.; Ross L. Malone, Jr.; A. Holmes Baldridge; James M.

John Redding with Group of Men

Assistant Postmaster General John Redding (seated, third from right) and Postmaster General Jesse Donaldson (seated, third from left) with a group of unidentified men, probably Post Office Department officials. Photo is autographed at the bottom: "To Jack M. Redding, Asst. P.M.G. with sincere regards and best wishes J. M. Donaldson P.M.G."