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Southern, Emma Procter, 1868-1961

Bess Wallace and Harry S. Truman on a Fishing Trip

Photo taken of Bess Wallace Truman and Harry S. Truman during their courting days. They are seated among friends in a rowboat on the Little Blue River. L to R: Mrs. Emma P. Southern, mother of May Wallace, Bess Wallace (holding a fishing pole), Harry S. Truman, an unidentified man, and a young woman, probably Natalie Wallace. Others in the boat are unidentified. A letter to Bess from Harry, dated August 5, 1913, mentions preparing to go with her on a fishing trip on the Little Blue River. Copied from a photo album lent to the Truman Library by May Wallace.

Picnic Near Little Blue River with Harry Truman's Stafford Automobile

Group of picnickers near the Little Blue River, seated in and gathered around Harry S. Truman's Stafford car. From left to right: George Wallace, May Wallace, Frank Wallace, Natalie Wallace, Fred Wallace (seated on the running board); Mrs. Emma Southern, Harry S. Truman, Caroline Southern, Dorothy Patterson (cousin of May Wallace), Edwin Patterson (cousin of May Wallace). From: Truman Home, from an album entitled "Postal Souvenirs."