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Kansas and the Dirty 30s

Lesson Author
Required Time Frame
3 class periods of research, 2 days of assembly, 3-5 days presenting (total about 2 weeks).
Lesson Abstract
Students will research and make group presentations about a Jazz band/performer and other topics related to Kansas in the 1930s.
  1. The students will have read the chapters in the textbook and have covered the notes on this topic.
  2. They will be divided in to groups of 3-4(dependent on the class size).
  3. All groups will be required to present on one KC Jazz performer or band (including one example of their music).
  4. The groups may then pick 2 of the following topics: Dust Storms, Ag of the 30s, Community life of the 30s, Kansas gov't, Labor, or Business of the 30's (other topics as approve by teacher [as in Me].
  5. Staff resources- music teacher; Literature class will read stories of this time frame. Computer classes will be instructed on how to use internet sources. PRMS Library computers will also be used to research sites on the internet.
  6. Students will present with an oral presentation, a power point presentation and or a picture board.
Rationale (why are you doing this?)

This is an Assessed time frame on the Kansas State Social Studies Assessment.

Lesson Objectives - the student will
  • Learn to work within a group and teamwork
  • Internet research/ computer skills
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Increase knowledge of chosen topics from the 1930's
  • Increase confidence on the state assessment
District, state, or national performance and knowledge standards/goals/skills met
  • Kansas History objectives- 3: discuss what caused and how the Dust Bowl impacted Kansas. 5: discuss the art and culture of Kansas.
  • Kansas Performance- 9: Kansas Agriculture in the 1930's. 10: Use of Primary Sources
  • Geography Standard 3: ID the various physical and human criteria that can be used to define a region
  • American History Objective- 4: Describe America's postwar reactions and the "Jazz Age"
  • District Computer Literacy goals.

Missouri Standards

2. Continuity and change in the history of Missouri, the United States and the world

4. Economic concepts (including productivity and the market system) and principles (including the laws of supply and demand)

5. The major elements of geographical study and analysis (such as location, place, movement, regions) and their relationships to changes in society and environment

6. Relationships of the individual and groups to institutions and cultural traditions

7. The use of tools of social science inquiry (such as surveys, statistics, maps, documents)

Secondary materials (book, article, video documentary, etc.) needed
  • Richmond’s Kansas: Land of Contrast, chapter title "Dirty 30’s".
  • Driggs and Haddix’s Kansas City Jazz: From Ragtime to Bebop-A History (musicians and bands in KC)
  • P. Griekspoor’s Kansas-The Prairie Spirit,History,People,and Stories chp 9
  • J. Chinn’s The Kansas Journey chp10
  • Isern & Wilson’s Kansas Land chp 10
Primary sources needed (document, photograph, artifact, diary or letter, audio or visual recording, etc.) needed
  • KC History( digital gallery, maps, newspapers)
  • Kansas Memory (topics of environment, time lines, gov’t, letters, photos�.)
  • You Tube (performances of jazz)
Technology Required

Internet Access

Fully describe the activity or assignment in detail. What will both the teacher and the students do?
  • The teacher will act as a guide and support person as the groups work their way through the project. The teacher will offer suggestions for outlines to help guide them as to where they may want to go and possible searches they may use to find the subject(s) of the project.
  • Student groups will:

1) Decide on topics they want to research.

    2) Develop an outline to guide them in their research.

      3) Group will decide each member’s jobs (as in if they will each take a topic, work all topics as a group).

        • For the 1st and 2nd day, each group member will have a computer to research the topics of the group in the Library.
        • On the 3rd and 4th day of the project, each of the groups will finish the research and start the assembly of their project for presentation to the class.
        • Days 5-7, each group will present (Volunteers first- if none random pick by teacher).
        Assessment: fully explain the assessment method in detail or create and attach a scoring guide

        Kansas and the Dirty 30s rubric:

        I) Visual aid: 20 18 16 14 12

          II) Outline usage: 5 4 3 1

            III) Use of Primary Source(s): 15 13 11 9 7

              IV) Use of Secondary Sources: 15 13 11 9 7

                V) Eye contact: 5 4 3 1

                  VI) Voice projection: 5 4 3 1

                    VII) Presentation: 20 18 16 14 12

                      VIII) Listen skills: 5 4 3 1

                        Total: 90 points