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Herbert Hoover’s Response to the Great Depression

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Words Matter/ Hoover v. FDR

This lesson will be a cooperative activity between a pair or group of students that will incorporate primary sources and a writing activity.
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Kansas and the Dirty 30s

Students will research and make group presentations about a Jazz band/performer and other topics related to Kansas in the 1930s.
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Road Building in Miami County Kansas 1920-40

This project will examine the effect of Federal Programs of the 1930s on the rate of road paving in the various decades. We will also explore the impact of road building on various parts of the nature and growth of the county.
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Machine Politics Between the Wars: Kansas City as a Case Study

Students will research the Internet for information on machine politics in the 1920's and 30's making note of common characteristics. Students will read primary and secondary sources.
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The New Deal: Yesterday and Today

Students will be analyzing New Deal programs and comparing them to similarly funded government programs we have today. They are to determine who the programs benefit and if they should remain intact.
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