Folder: 1950

Series: CHRONOLOGICAL FILE, 1949-1960
Collection: Robert N. Golding Papers
Memorandum from Joseph McDaniel to Paul G. Hoffman, Report on the Treatment of East-West Trade Question in Congressional Presentation, with Attached Draft Report
Report on East-West Trade from Robert N. Golding to William C. Foster, February 20, 1950
Senate Document Number 141, Survey of ECA in Europe by Senator Pat McCarran - Report to the Joint Committee on Foreign Economic Cooperation Created Pursuant to Section 124 of Public Law 472, Eightieth Congress, March 3, 1950
Memorandum from Paul G. Hoffman to Robert N. Golding with Attached Draft of Report, The "Cold War" - What it is and What Must Be Done to Win it Without Fighting, April 1, 1950
Remarks in the Congressional Record of the Senate - June 14, 1950, Pages 8691-8700, 8707-8718, June 14, 1950
Statement Concerning East-West Trade and Wherry Amendment to Supplemental Appropriations Bill, September 20, 1950