Plow to Politics

As visitors exit the introductory theater, they encounter Truman's early life, education and his first jobs. In the center of the gallery is a large tower showcasing Harry Truman's letters to Bess Wallace.
On the right hand side of the gallery is a curved wall that displays a family tree showing both the Truman and Wallace families.
On the far wall is an interactive wall titled "Lasting Impressions". Visitors can explore the variety of influences on Truman's life as a child and young man. His love of reading, piano playing, his first car and more are all displayed through a variety of interactive exhibits.
The second section of this part of the exhibit deals with Truman's service in World War I. Original artifacts such as Truman's World War I uniform, ID card and tack box are displayed here. There is an interactive display where visitors can fire the French 75mm gun and the area culminates with a 7 minute video presentation of Truman's experiences in World War I as Captain of Battery D.
The third section deals firstly with Truman's marriage to Bess Wallace in 1919 and his new business, Truman & Jacobson's haberdashery.
The exhibit then explores Truman's career in politics, first as a County Judge and then as US Senator for Missouri. This section ends on April 12, 1945 with FDR's death shown through video and radio coverage from the time and ultimately Truman's inauguration as the 33rd President.

Key document: Letter from Harry Truman to Bess Wallace, December 31, 1910

Key artifact:
In 1917, Bess Wallace gave a copy of this picture to Harry as he went off to war. The attached card read: “I’m depending on this to take you to France and back all safe and sound.”