Decision Theater 2

Spies in Government: How Far Do You Go To Find Them?

The second of the two Decision Theaters is located in the midst of the exhibits describing heightened Cold War tensions in America during President Truman's second term. This decision theater focuses on President Truman's decision to establish a federal loyalty program. Though this program was established in 1947, it was in operation throughout the rest of his presidency.

Entrance of Decision Theatre 2

Titled "Spies in Government: How far do you go to find them?", it focuses on Truman's decision to establish a federal loyalty program in 1947.

The theater features a sound and light program in a setting that resembles a congressional hearing room or loyalty review interrogation room.

A disembodied voice asks visitors a series of questions concerning the conflict between personal privacy/freedom of speech, and the needs of national security. Visitors answer questions by registering their opinions on keypads.