Legacy Gallery

President Truman's decisions set the course of American foreign and domestic policy for generations. They continue to shape American life today. The areas covered in this exhibit include foreign policy, national defense, the presidency, domestic policy, civil rights, and the role of government.


Located in the new triangular addition to the Truman Library building, the Legacy Gallery offers visitors a place to relax and to contemplate what they have seen in the exhibition. Six etched glass panels, mounted along the walls, highlight accomplishments and lasting legacies of the Truman years

A life-size bronze statue of Truman set on the floor looks out a wall of windows along an axis that spans across the courtyard to


the gravesites. Just outside the window set in a large slab of black granite is an eternal flame donated by Tirey J. Ford American Legion Post No. 21 (moved from previous location in the southeast section of the courtyard). Twelve soundsticks, secured in benches in the center of the gallery, present visitors with a menu of audio loop programs. The programs include six brief excerpts in which President Truman reflects on people he knew and issues with which he dealt. Another six audio programs consist of reflections of various writers and historians about the legacy of President Truman.