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A Best Laid Plan Derailed. Modern Supreme Court interpretation of the Need for the Voting Rights Act

Supreme Court rulings in the Shaw v. Reno (1995) and the Shelby County vs. Holder (2013) cases relied heavily on the reasoning behind the passage of the Voting Rights Act (1965). Students in AP Gov’t and Politics are required to know both cases as part of the cannon of cases and the precedents set as part of the course standards.

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The Truman, Eisenhower & Nixon Doctrines: Understanding U.S. Foreign Policy during the Cold War

Students will examine three cornerstones of American foreign policy during the Cold War -- the Truman, Eisenhower & Nixon Doctrines.
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American Revolution vs. Arab Spring: Teaching with Primary and Secondary Source Documents

Students will research American Revolution and Arab Spring and compare and contrast the events to better understand both in terms of political, economic and social implications. The activity will utilize a wide range of sources and students will also learn how to analyze primary and secondary source documents.
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Women and American Revolution vs. Women and Islamic Revolution Critical Reading Strategies and Socratic Seminar

This lesson implements the Socratic Seminar Instructional Method to investigate Women and the Islamic Revolution.
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Marshall Plan: Convince the American People

This lesson plan requires the classroom to be divided into proponents and opponents to the Marshall Plan.
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US Involvement in the Korean War

Cooperative learning activity containing small classroom groups and ending with entire class, student-led discussion. Primary sources and maps will form basis for discussion of Korean War.
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McCarthyism and the Cold War

Through a brief lecture, document analysis, and creation of museum exhibit on McCarthyism students will evaluate the political, social and cultural impact of McCarthyism in America.
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Cold War in Asia

The purpose of this lesson is to link the Communist Revolution in China (1949) to subsequent Cold War events, including Korea and McCarthyism.
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The Other Side of the 1920s

Students will research in a group setting and prepare a written report or a PowerPoint presentation (complete with notes) about some aspect of the 1920s that does not fit the stereotype this era.
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Create Your Own DBQ

Students will be creating their own Document-Based-Question. The assignment requires students to research and include primary and secondary documents that are related directly to the question they have written.
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