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Analyzing American Aid in the Face of Fear

Students will participate in a group analysis and comparison of political cartoons from the post World War II debate over the Marshall Plan as well as the current American conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.
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Tales of Truman's Travels Fifty Years Ago

Developing research skills in third graders using Truman's extensive travels as a jumping off point
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U.S Foreign Policy and the United Nations

Students will be analyzing two political cartoons featuring the United Nations (one from the Korean War-Truman administration and one from the War in the Persian Gulf-circa Bush 41 administration). After independent analysis, students will pair up or join small groups and share analysis and then discuss two questions about U.S. foreign policy decisions concerning the two events and the Presidential choices made about when and how to involve the U.S. in war. 
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Europe and the Cold War

This lesson will allow students to create a visual representation of the perceived threats to Europe during the Cold War. By placing cities on maps and evaluating the surrounding topography, the students will analyze the Soviet War Plan.
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Berlin Airlift

Students will read a brief passage from the text concerning the Berlin Airlift. Students will watch excerpts from documentaries on the airlift and on Gail Halvorsen. After viewing the dvd/videos, the class will discuss and complete a study guide.
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Truman Doctrine

The students will listen to an audio recording of President Truman's address to Congress, which requests that Congress appropriate financial aid to Greece and Turkey.
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