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Berlin Airlift Primary Source Activity

This activity asks students to review online materials related to the Berlin Airlift and to investigate the site to complete their activities. 
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The US Media and the Armenian Massacre

Students, after learning about WWI and the Armenian massacres will create newspapers analyzing the role of the media and the U.S. in the massacres.
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Displaced Persons in the Aftermath of World War II

The students will examine the experiences of Jewish displaced persons in the years immediately following World War II. They will explore photographs and primary source documents related to the DP camps in Europe.
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African American Women in the Military during WWII

To assist students in developing analytical skills that will enable them to evaluate primary documents and images such as photographs, political cartoons and posters related to African American women during World War II.
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Political Independence and Territorial Integrity For All

This classroom activity has the purpose of explaining to students the geographic difficulty of finding a two-state solution in the Middle East that would have the support of both the Israelis and the Palestinians.
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Recognition of Israel

Geography, the rise of the Middle East, and the recognition of Israel.
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The Holocaust: Resistance Movements

Six sessions of activities centered around the Newbery Award-winning novel Number the Stars by Lois Lowry
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Vietnam- Dien Bien Phu, origins of the war, and early U.S. involvement

Help students see the Vietnam War in the larger context of the Cold War.
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Cuban Missile Crisis Spy

Students will examine and evaluate primary documents relating to the Cuban Missile Crisis.
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Cuban Missile Crisis

The students will engage in a cooperative learning assignment on the Cuban Missile Crisis. They will work in groups to explore the presidential decision making and the US, Cuban and USSR perspectives on the 1962 Crisis.
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