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Build your own cabinet

Students look at how a cabinet they created would advise them to fight against War on Terrorism today. For time sake, the students will be focusing on the cabinet positions of Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Treasury, and Attorney General.
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First Ladies Interview

The students will be putting together a series of “interviews” they conducted about the first ladies. Their objective will be to answer a series of questions about a specific First Lady.
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Influential First Ladies

Students will be tasked with researching, analyzing, and creating a paper over the influence of a First Lady of the United States.
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Presidential Decision Making: Truman's Recognition of Israel

Students will examine documents from opposite sides from advisors close to Truman on the issue of the Recognition of Israel.
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Gettysburg Address Close Read

Close read of Gettysburg Address activity
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Political Propaganda: Icons, Slogans, and Imagery in Presidential Elections

The goal of this lesson is for students to take a look into past presidential propaganda and determine its similarities and differences.
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Evaluating a Campaign Slogan: The 1948 Presidential Election

Students will look at a campaign button from losing candidate Dewey in the 1948 election. They will then weigh the merits of using the slogan in a short writing assignment.
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Presidential Bracketology

Students will debate the achievements of the Presidents.
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A Chronology of Terrorism

This will introduce units on Modern Terrorism. It will also help increase their awareness, foster collaboration, and practice the skill of chronology.
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Scrapbooking the 2016 Presidential Election

The Presidential election gives a wonderful opportunity, every four years, to spark student interest in the election process and the candidates involved. The scrapbook project allows the students to work with primary sources and current materials and develop a working knowledge of the electoral process.
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