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What Limits Should There Be On The Emergency Powers of the President?

Discuss and Research Emergency Powers of the President
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Limits to Presidential Power

Students will analyze the boundaries of presidential power through primary sources and complete a performance task.
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Presidential Power and Action Through Words

Students will use online resources from presidential libraries, Library of Congress, other websites that have presidential executive orders and other policies. Students will understand how a president (or multiple presidents) used presidential power of speech and words to enact legislation
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Orson Welles and the Story of Isaac Woodard: The Influence of the Media on Presidential Awareness and Decisions

Students will examine primary and secondary source material to draw connections while working individually, cooperatively with a partner, and during whole-group discussion.
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Breaking Barriers: The Right to Fight

To introduce analysis of primary documents to sixth through eighth grade students in preparation for History Fair’s theme, “Breaking Barriers in History”
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Nixon and Limits of Executive Power

For students to investigate the expansion of executive powers by President Richard Nixon and the debate about the scope of executive power.
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Exploring Executive Orders

Students will discuss the difference between executive orders and bills becoming laws
Students will view examples of executive orders from various Presidents.

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Use and Limitation of Executive Orders

Students will be comparing a) FDR and Truman’s use of executive orders and b) the Supreme Court’s decisions on those executive orders.
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Separation of Powers and Executive Orders using Primary Sources

Instead of teaching the concepts of separation of powers and checks and balances, the students can see how the power of the President to use executive
orders have played out in three different moments in history.
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Election Campaign Poster and Campaign Button

This assignment will provide the students with a “hands on” experience by making a poster and a campaign button in support of his/her favorite candidate
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