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James Buchanan and the Lecompton Constitution

Students will study how James Buchanan’s decisions regarding the Lecompton Constitution impacted Kansas Territory and the United States.

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A Best Laid Plan Derailed. Modern Supreme Court interpretation of the Need for the Voting Rights Act

Supreme Court rulings in the Shaw v. Reno (1995) and the Shelby County vs. Holder (2013) cases relied heavily on the reasoning behind the passage of the Voting Rights Act (1965). Students in AP Gov’t and Politics are required to know both cases as part of the cannon of cases and the precedents set as part of the course standards.

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Timeline of Civil Rights through American History

Students will be able to identify a few relevant Civil Rights issues AND how the president of that era confronted/handled/resolved the issue, along with causes/effects; then students will reveal how many issues of the past affect their own lives today and explain how.

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Presidential Power

Student will rank the Presidential powers from most important to least important.
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Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and War Powers Act

An examination of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, its intent and impact, its ultimate repeal and its relationship to the War Powers Resolution.
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Truman’s Desegregation of the Armed Services and Executive Order 9981

The students will read background material on civil rights movement relating to the armed services. They will analyze and discuss Executive Order 9981 and learn how the blinding of Sgt. Isaac Woodward affected President Truman. After reading and class discussion, the students will express their thoughts in a writing activity.
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Limits to Presidential Power

Students will analyze the boundaries of presidential power through primary sources and complete a performance task.
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Orson Welles and the Story of Isaac Woodard: The Influence of the Media on Presidential Awareness and Decisions

Students will examine primary and secondary source material to draw connections while working individually, cooperatively with a partner, and during whole-group discussion.
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Nixon and Limits of Executive Power

For students to investigate the expansion of executive powers by President Richard Nixon and the debate about the scope of executive power.
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Exploring Executive Orders

Students will discuss the difference between executive orders and bills becoming laws
Students will view examples of executive orders from various Presidents.

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