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Analyzing Primary Sources

Communicating the Presidency: The Media and Public Opinion

Assignment is both individual and cooperative integrating media and visual literacy
into social studies core content using primary sources - Presidential photographs. Abraham
Lincoln, our 16th president, and an early adopter of his era’s newest technology (photography),
has a lot in common with today’s Instagram and TikTok stars. Recognizing the camera's power,
Abraham Lincoln made extensive use of photographs during his presidency. He often sat for the
leading photographers of the day, allowing them to distribute his image widely. Lincoln was the
first president to take full advantage of photography, both as a campaign tool and to craft a
desirable public persona.
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Total War: Causes and Consequences through Images

Students will apply new knowledge of technology as well as review prior knowledge of previous time periods by compare/contrasting images of total war from multiple eras.
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Truman and Civil Rights: Analyzing Sources

This is a document-based-question assignment that requires the students to construct a coherent essay that integrates their interpretation of primary source documents and their knowledge of the time period referenced in the question.
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Reading Primary Sources

This lesson prepares students to use primary sources for research purposes. It provides students the opportunity to work on their analysis and research skills.
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In the Name of

Students will write a letter to an appropriate government official arguing for or against the use of the Special Minimum Wage Certificate.
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The Ethics and Implications of Government Spying

The lesson will incorporate primary sources, specifically political cartoons, relating to government spying and our interpretations of it. It will use a Socratic Seminar to explore the different viewpoints and arguments of student regarding the issue and will culminate in a short student reaction essay.
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Global Connections: Using US Involvement in the Middle East

Analysis of primary documents relating to US involvement in the Middle East.
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Creating a Truman page for a Textbook using

Students will analyze primary documents about the Truman administration and create a textbook page.
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Recognize Israel? You Decide

Students will analyze primary documents concerning the recognition of Israel.
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Harry S. Truman and Civil Rights

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