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World War II

Atrocities on Trial

Students will determine which war crime trials were the most heinous during World War II and use evidence to build a case to convict the guilty.
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Japanese Internment Camps

To assist students in developing analytical skills that will enable them to evaluate primary sources and images such as documents, photographs, political cartoons and posters related to the Japanese Internment Camps during World War II.
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Did FDR's Weakening Health Lead Stalin to Believe that Eastern Europe Was His for the Taking?

Students should be able to make inferences as to the tenor of each conference, the state of mind of the participants and the importance of the photographs in relation to their background knowledge to support or refute: FDR was too physically ill at Yalta.
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Was Truman's Decision to Drop the Bomb, To End the War in the Pacific, Justified or Not?

Students will analysis and evaluate primary documents, videos, excerpts from newspapers and books, and then in groups will create a persuasive essay supporting their point of view, including quotations from the provided sources.
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World War II as a Watershed in Race relations

This lesson asks students to consider the war years as equally important in pushing for racial equality.
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What if .... End of WWII in the Pacific

Class discussion on the end of the war in the pacific.
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The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bombs

Students will write a 20-point persuasive essay explaining their decision on how to end WWII.
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FDR and Pearl Harbor

Draw conclusions about Pearl Harbor based on primary documents and reasoned discussion.
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Re-Thinking the Dropping of the Atomic Bombs: Lesson 2

In this lesson students will continue with their examination of the dropping of the atomic bombs, this time focusing on varying historical perspectives. In particular this will include the Japanese perspective.
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Re-Thinking the Dropping of the Atomic Bombs: Lesson 1

In this lesson students will be introduced to important background information on the dropping of the atomic bombs.
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