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Primary Source Analysis

Mr. Postman Deliver the Letter

Students will read and assess letters of former President Harry Truman to understand what was transpiring in his life during the time he spent in the army during World War One.
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Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan

Students will study Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan as it relates to the early Cold War and U.S. policy of containment.
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The United Nations; who they are and why they have your back; or do they?

Students will do individual exploratory research, using the internet and primary documents provided, which they will utilize in the group creation of a power point presentation over at least three accomplishments/events/activities
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Propaganda Techniques and Harry S. Truman's St. Louis 1948 Reelection Speech

This activity will involve analyzing various propaganda techniques in the address delivered by President Harry S. Truman at the Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis, Missouri, on October 30, 1948, during his reelection campaign.
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Developing Questioning Skills by Investigating Political Cartoons

Students analyze a collection of political cartoons and come up with questions find out more about the situations the cartoons depict
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Independence and the Opening of the West

Analysis of Thomas Hart Benton mural
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Analyzing Truman's State of the Union Messages

Ways to use Truman's State of the Union addresses in teaching
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Analyzing Primary Sources

Primary source discovery and analysis
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President Truman's Acceptance Speech

Students will listen to a speech by President Truman and will fill out a work sheet based on the speech that they heard.
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Analyzing a Political Comic Book Prepared for the 1948 Campaign

Students analyze a biographical comic book summarizing President Harry S. Truman's life prepared by the Democratic Party.
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