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Marshall Plan

Cold War Tensions Between the US and the USSR

Students will examine how the end of WWII, and especially the threats of atomic weapons and Communism, changed the political dynamics of the world.
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Marshall Plan Promotions

Students will be placed in the role to produce support for the Marshall Plan from both the American public and Congress.
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Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan

Students will study Truman Doctrine and Marshall Plan as it relates to the early Cold War and U.S. policy of containment.
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The Marshall Plan from the Perspective Political Cartoons and Posters

Students will complete in-class and outside of class assignments using political cartoons, posters and documents.
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Cold War Origins in Europe and the Truman Doctrine Speech

Through small group work and an individual assignment, students will use a background description, various maps and the Truman Doctrine speech to analyze European postwar events and reactions by the Soviet Union and the United States which led to heightened Cold War tension.
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Realizing the Marshall Plan

Students will work in groups to analyze primary source documents to investigate the Marshall Plan was and its controversies.
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Hoover and Truman Working Together to Bring Post War Aid to Europe

Cooperative learning through document analysis and discussion
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The Marshall Plan, Pros and Cons

Students will analyze the Marshall Plan (primary sources) and draw conclusions as to the pro and cons to the aid.
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Hello, Mr. President

Analyze and compare the presidency of Harry Truman and Lyndon Johnson.
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Why Support the Marshall Plan?

This lesson will help students focus on the needs of the world following World War II and will allow the students to use and understand the importance of political cartoons as a primary source.
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