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Truman's handwriting on the back of a Potsdam photograph describing telling Stalin about the atomic bomb

Harry S. Truman's handwriting on the back of a photograph of the Potsdam Conference area, accession number 63-1456-46: "In which I tell Stalin we expect to drop the most powerful explosive ever made on the Japanese. He smiled and said he appreciated my telling him--but he did not know what I was talking about--the Atomic Bomb! HST". See also 62-769 and 769A for negatives." From Potsdam album, 1945

Senator Truman on an Inspection Trip in 1939

Group of United States Senators and Representatives on a Truman Committee inspection trip in 1939. From left to right: Congressman Charles R. Clason; Congressman Thomas E. Martin; Senator John Sparkman; Senator Chan Gurney; Major John E. Upston; Congressman John M. Costello; Lieutenant General Calvin Stockley; Senator Elmer Thomas; Senator Harry S. Truman; Congressman Paul W. Shafer; Lieutenant General Devers; and Brigadier General Arthur Wilson.