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Tombstone of William Elliot Griffis

This is a snapshot of the tombstone of William Elliot Griffis, the father of Stanton Griffis. The inscription reads, "William Elliot Griffis, Author of 'The Mikado's Empire', Born at Philadelphia, PA, September 17, 1843. Died [illegible] February 5, 1928. [illegible]" There is a reflection on the tombstone of an unidentified woman holding the camera.

President Truman Participates in a Mock Reception at Key West

President Harry S. Truman participates in a mock welcome for Matthew Connelly and Charles Ross (both not shown) as they arrive at Key West, Florida, to join the President during his post-election vacation. At the left is Washington State Governor Monrad Wallgren and writer Jonathan Daniels. The others are unidentified. (See also 2013-3220 and 3221.) From: Naval Photo Center, sent to the Truman Library by the National Archives. Original 4x5 negative.