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Concentration camps

Nazi "souvenirs" from concentration camp

Exhibit of "souvenirs" created by Nazis in Buchenwald concentration camp, near Weimar. They were seized by General Patton's Third Army. German civilians were brought from town to gaze upon shrunken human heads (left) parts of organs of victims who died of various diseases, and stenciling and tattoo markings on sections of human skin (foreground). Lamp at right was fabricated from skin of camp's dead. From: album entitled "Nazi War Atrocities."

Bodies in at Gardelegen, Germany

In a large barn on the edge of Gardelegen, Germany, at least 150 Russian, French, Polish, and Jewish political prisoners of Nazi Germany were burned to death by S. S. Troops. The atrocity was exposed when the 9th U S Army captured the Gardelegen area before the Germans had time to remove the evidence. Pictured here are a few victims who made a last struggle for life. From: album entitled "Nazi War Atrocities."

German citizens carrying a coffin

On orders of the XII corps Military Government officials, German citizens of the town of Neunburg, Germany, dug up the bodies of the murdered Polish and Russian Jews from where the S. S. troopers buried them and gave them a decent burial in the town cemetery. Here citizens carry one of the dead. From: album entitled "Nazi War Atrocities."

Bodies of Nazi victims

Battered bodies of Jewish slave laborers from the S. S. camp at Neunburg, Germany. They were taken to a woodland site and murdered by guards. Civilians of the town were ordered by American troops to bury victims in the city cemetery. From: album entitled "Nazi War Atrocities."

Civilians carrying coffins

Neunberg, Germany. Civilians carry empty boxes up a hill to get bodies of 120 victims killed by S. S. troops in a wooded area. Townspeople were forced to carry them to the cemetery for proper burial. They spent two days building the boxes. Chaplains of 3rd U. S. Army held short services for Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish victims. From: album entitled "Nazi War Atrocities."