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Conant, James Bryant, 1893-1978

President Harry S. Truman and Members of the National Defense Research Committee

President Harry S. Truman, Dr. Vannevar Bush and members of the National Defense Research Committee. Seated are Dr. James Conant, President of Harvard University; President Truman; and Dr. Alfred N. Richards, Head of Office of Scientific Research and Development. Standing are Dr. Karl T. Compton, President of MIT; Dr. Lewis H. Weed, National Academy of Sciences; Dr. Vannevar Bush, Director, Office of Scientific Research and Development; Dr. Frank B. Jewett, New York; Dr. J. C. Hunsaker, MIT; Dr. Roger Adams, University of Illinois; Dr. A. Baird Hastings, Harvard Medical School; and Dr. A. R.

James B. Conant and Charles W. Thayer Seated At Table in Hofbrauhaus in Munich

Interior view of five men seated at a table with steins, pretzels and an American flag. James B. Conant, United States High Commissioner to Germany, is facing in the center with diplomat and author Charles W. Thayer is to the right of him. Mr. Thayer was U.S. General Consul in Munich, Germany at the time. Location is Munich's Hofbrauhaus taken during a visit to Bavaria.

Charles W. Thayer and Ambassador James B. Conant

Interior view, unknown German location (Munich?) with United States Ambassador to Germany James Conant, fourth from the left, and diplomat and author Charles W. Thayer, third from the left. Conant was U.S. High Commissioner and Ambassador to Germany from 1953-1957. From 1949-1953, Thayer was political liaison officer for the U.S. High Commissioner and later consul general in Munich. Others in photograph not identified.