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Evans, M. R., d. 1976

President Truman With Members of His Staff

President Truman is shown seated on a sofa with members of his staff and others. This photo was taken on his 61st birthday at the White House. On the sofa, left to right: Col. Harry Vaughan, President Harry S. Truman, unidentified military man. Standing left to right: M. R. Evans, J. J. Leonard Reinsch, unidentified, John W. Snyder, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, Matthew Connelly, unidentified, William Simmons, unidentified.

Battery D Dinner celebrating the election of President Roosevelt and Vice President-elect Truman

Battery D Dinner celebrating the election of President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Vice President-elect Harry S. Truman. At table, left to right: James B. Conway, Newell T. Paterson, Morris Glen Riley, Frank Stanley, Edward D. McKim, Harry S. Truman, Eugene P. Donnelly, John H. Thacher, Col. Harry Vaughan, Godfrey C. Downey, Verne F. Chaney, Fred E. Junion, John M. Carnie. First row standing: Frank Sargart, Ralph W. Taylor, Harry E. Whitney, Carl Pat Reilly, Fred Weiderman, Samuel Dantzig, Francis G. McGowan, Ed Gerye, Charles L. Fredericks, Frank E. Spina, Lawrence F. Becker, Leo J.