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Missouri's role in WWI

Lesson Author
Required Time Frame
3 days
Grade Level(s)
Lesson Abstract
Students will conduct a local history project for WWI. They will create a presentation about Missouri’s role in WWI.

Students will conduct a local history project for WWI. They will create a presentation about Missouri’s role in WWI.

Rationale (why are you doing this?)

Students need to learn more about their local history and place Missouri in the context of WWI. What was life like back then? What would they be doing if they were born during that time? What impact did their own state have on one of the worst wars in history? I also want students to practice researching and presenting.

Lesson Objectives - the student will
  • Research Missouri’s role in WWI
  • Present their findings to the class
District, state, or national performance and knowledge standards/goals/skills met
  • WHII.T5S1B 
    Trace the origins, and relationships among the world wars, revolutions, and global conflicts of 20th century to determine their impacts on the world today.

    Supporting Standards:

    Analyze world-wide imperialism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries to determine its causes and consequences.

Evaluate the powers and responsibilities of citizens and institutions to address and solve world problems c. post 1450

Primary sources needed (document, photograph, artifact, diary or letter, audio or visual recording, etc.) needed
Fully describe the activity or assignment in detail. What will both the teacher and the students do?
  • Teacher will provide some documents for research but students are responsible for the rest
  • Students will compile their research into a concise and organized presentation
  • Students will present it to the class
  • Teacher will grade presentation and give feedback
  • If there are some points students failed to make the teacher can fill in those gaps in a presentation of their own
Assessment: fully explain the assessment method in detail or create and attach a scoring guide
  • Day 1 research
  • Day 2 make presentation
  • Day 3 present







10 sources correctly cited

6-9 sources correctly cited

1-5 sources correctly cited

Not done


Organized and contains all information

Good information but could be organized better

Information is there but not organized and not enough

Not done


Speaker is clear, made eye contact, and knowledgeable 

It is clear it is original work but could be practiced more

Speaker is not prepared and relies heavily on note cards

Not done






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