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World War I

World War I Poetry

Uses primary documents to engage students in large and small group structured analysis of World War I poems by three different poets.
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Changes for the Ages: WWI Technology & Its Impact

Students, in groups, will research various new technologies in World War I.
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You're the Author: WWI Propaganda Creation Project

Students will view a variety of examples of WWI propaganda posters and discuss their message and why they were important for the war effort.
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Missouri's role in WWI

Students will conduct a local history project for WWI. They will create a presentation about Missouri’s role in WWI.
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War: is it worth it?

Students have to decide if WWI is worth fighting for and put themselves in that time period and figure out what they are willing to fight for.
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How did the Flu Epidemic of 1918 change the World?

To gain a wider understanding of the Flu Epidemic and how it affected America.
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African American Experience in France

Students will read a variety of materials from articles on the topic to a letter home from an African American Soldier about his time in France.
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Democracy in Russia

This lesson offers an SAQ (Short Answer Question) appropriate to the World War I time frame.
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Total War: Causes and Consequences through Images

Students will apply new knowledge of technology as well as review prior knowledge of previous time periods by compare/contrasting images of total war from multiple eras.
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World War One Dog Hero

Second grade students will learn about the many important roles that animals played during wartime.
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