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  2. Educational Resources
  3. Three Branches of Government
  4. Interactive Teaching Unit: Using Documents and Internet Resources

Interactive Teaching Unit: Using Documents and Internet Resources

GRADE LEVEL: 5th through 8th


  • SS1--Understanding principles expressed in the documents shaping constitutional democracy in the United States
  • SS3--Understanding principles and processes of governance systems
  • SS7--Using tools of social inquiry
  • CA3-Reading and evaluating nonfiction works and materials
  • CA4-Writing formally
  • G1:4-Using technological tools and other resources to locate, select, and organize information

DEVELOPED BY: Kathleen Vest


Explanation of Lessons:

  • We have provided a series of activities that allow students to gain basic information about the three branches of government and to complete a series of tasks that relate to each branch. The lessons have Internet links where students may find the information needed.
  • We have provided worksheets that may be duplicated for class use.
  • We have provided specific tasks to assist students in research. (Internet links provided)
  • We have provided a How A Bill Becomes A Law game which can be enlarged and pasted inside a file folder so that students may play this with a partner at their desks. You may wish to make several of these games.
  • We have provided a Government Crossword Puzzle.
  • Finally, we have proposed a series of projects to engage students in a more in-depth study of government.


Teaching Guide

Our 3 Branches & Balance of Power

Legislative Branch

Executive Branch

Cabinet (Executive Branch)

Judicial Branch

Puzzles and Games