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Global Connections: Using US Involvement in the Middle East

Analysis of primary documents relating to US involvement in the Middle East.
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Ordinary Citizens Create History

The students will receive a copy of Margaret Hays’ letter Number 35, and will read, interpret and answer questions.  The class will discuss individual interpretations.
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Gathering, Recording, and Presenting Data

Collect and use statistical data from news sources
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Harry S. Truman and the Road To the Presidency

Students, working in teams, will analyze the rapid rise in automobiles and the growing need for a stable road system in the United States/Missouri
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U.S Foreign Policy and the United Nations

Students will be analyzing two political cartoons featuring the United Nations (one from the Korean War-Truman administration and one from the War in the Persian Gulf-circa Bush 41 administration). After independent analysis, students will pair up or join small groups and share analysis and then discuss two questions about U.S. foreign policy decisions concerning the two events and the Presidential choices made about when and how to involve the U.S. in war. 
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World War I Posters

In the classroom students will be creating a list, taking notes, pair sharing, brainstorming, discussing answer, and analyzing posters.
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World War One Map Activity

As part of a geographic study of modern Europe, students will look at maps of Serbia from 1914, 1919 and 2007. As a class, we will discuss changes in the map of Europe over the time period.
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House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC)

Students will read through the Bill of Rghts and put into their own words what those rights mean today. They will then prioritize those rights as they apply to students.
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Berlin Airlift

Students will be able to understand the purposes and outcomes of the Berlin Airlift, the Berlin blockade as a response to the growing Cold War and as the first battle of the Cold War.
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Historical Photographs of Independence: Harry S. Truman and the "Road" to the Presidency

This will be an introductory paired learning activity. The students, working in teams, analyze the rapid rise in automobiles and the growing need for a stable road system in the United States/Missouri.
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