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Presidential Opinions on Civil Rights

This will be a cooperative learning assignment, where students will work in small groups between five to seven. Students will be broken into four groups and will be assigned a Former United States President, Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson. Students will be assigned one of the following Presidents to research through their Presidential Libraries. Students will only be able to use primary sources for this assignment.
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World War I Poetry

Uses primary documents to engage students in large and small group structured analysis of World War I poems by three different poets.
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African Americans in World War I

The lesson incorporates an online exhibition from the National World War I Museum with primary and secondary sources regarding the African American experience in World War I.
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World War I: Teaching Stories and Information Resources

College students will create a 1 week curriculum on the topic of World War I using 3 different information formats for junior high age students.
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World War I and Wheat Farmers

Students will study the impact of World War I on wheat farmers, learning how a dramatic world event can impact a small sub-set of people.
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First Ladies, Vice Presidents, and Presidential Advisors - The real Influence on the Presidency

The students are instructed that they will select a president of the United States and have to research who had a great deal of influence on the policy that was supported and put into place by that president.
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Desegregation of the Military

This activity will give students an awareness of the types of documents that advisors consider as they advise a president. Their analysis will help them see the different viewpoints to consider.
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Indiana - Mother of Vice Presidents

Students will conduct research and analyze primary sources to investigate why Indiana could be called the “mother of Vice Presidents”.
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Cabinet Reflective Experience

This lesson will give students the opportunity to examine the role of the President from various angles to consider its important role within the United States’ government.
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Gerald Ford and the Vietnam War

Students will evaluate primary sources such as documents and political cartoons related to decisions made by President Ford's administration during the final days of the Vietnam War.
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