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Civil War Turning Points

Students will understand the major turning points of the Civil War, why these turning points were important, and how many of these turning points are interconnected.
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Cold War Tensions Between the US and the USSR

Students will examine how the end of WWII, and especially the threats of atomic weapons and Communism, changed the political dynamics of the world.
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Writing a Persuasive Paper on Civil Rights Legislation

Writing a Persuasive Paper on Civil Rights Legislation during the Truman Presidency
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Tweet It!: Truman's Big Decision Edition

This lesson will require students to examine the primary sources of personal letters and conduct biographical research on either President or first lady Truman. They will then use their information to determine the influence and relationship of the first lady and her presidential husband and examine her influence on the issues of the time.
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Build your own cabinet

Students look at how a cabinet they created would advise them to fight against War on Terrorism today. For time sake, the students will be focusing on the cabinet positions of Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Treasury, and Attorney General.
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First Ladies Interview

The students will be putting together a series of “interviews” they conducted about the first ladies. Their objective will be to answer a series of questions about a specific First Lady.
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Integrating the Military

Students will advise Truman on the integration of the US military after WWII. They will play the role of individuals who advise the President based on primary sources.
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Captain Harry & Bess: Letters from WW1

Students will receive three or four letters written by Truman to Bess Wallace and analyze them
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Letters to a President: How to Navigate the Growing Concerns of the Great Depression?

Students will be tasked with analyzing correspondence to President Hoover during the Great Depression.
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Influential First Ladies

Students will be tasked with researching, analyzing, and creating a paper over the influence of a First Lady of the United States.
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