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National Capital Sesquicentennial Postage Stamp Ceremonies

Members and representatives of the National Capital Sesquicentennial Commission are shown the commemorative postage stamps for the event. From left to right: Joseph C. McGarraghy, Chairman of the Executive Committee; Assistant to the President John R. Steelman; Postmaster General Jesse Donaldson; Carter Barron, Executive Vice-Chairman; and John Russell Young, President of the Board of Commissioners of the District of Columbia.

People at Outdoor Event

A group of people gathered at an unidentified outdoor event. Pictured: Postmaster General Robert E. Hannegan (seated, left); Mrs. Irma P. Hannegan (seated, second from left); First Assistant Postmaster General Jesse Donaldson (seated, second from right); and Second Assistant Postmaster General Gael Sullivan (seated, third from right). All others unidentified.

Hannegan, Geist, and Pace

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hannegan, the Irving Geist family, and Mr. and Mrs. Frank Pace pose together for a picture as Mr. Geist is presented with a certificate of Merit. From left to right: Margaret (Mrs. Frank) Pace, Mrs. Irma P. Hannegan, Mrs. Irving Geist, unidentified, unidentified, Postmaster General Robert E. Hannegan, Irving Geist, and Executive Assistant to the Postmaster General Frank Pace.

Truman Signing Air Mail Bill

President Harry S. Truman (seated, center) signs the 5-cent Air Mail Bill in the Oval Office. Postmaster General Robert E. Hannegan is seated at right. Also pictured (l-r): Congressman George D. O'Brien; John Hart of United Airlines; Senator Dennis Chavez; Senator Carl Hayden; Congressman Charles E. McKenzie; Congressman John C. Butler; Frank J. Delaney of the Post Office Department; C.E. Fleming of Transcontinental and Western Air; Emery F. Johnson of the Air Transport Association; and Charles M. Knoble of Pennsylvania-Central Airlines.