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Motion Picture MP72-41

Thank You Mr. President

Administrative Information

Original Format(s)
Motion Picture
867 feet
Running Time
24 minutes 5 seconds
Film Gauge
Black & White
Produced by
Motion Picture Association of America

Miscellaneous newsreel stories primarily from early 1949. Clips include presidential election victory scenes, Truman with various world leaders, Truman speaking at a dinner for General George Marshall, and Truman speaking at the NATO signing. This newsreel also includes a segment on the return of American troops and the housing situation. The Library also has a sound version of this film.


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Moving Image Type
Motion Picture

Shot List

  • Reel 1
0:22   Victory scenes – post 1948 election – Truman, Barkley, etc.
2:22   Truman walking – Blair House.
2:43   “The Inaugural” – (scenes of).
6:42   “You Meet the Most Interesting People” 1) Churchill at White House 2) President Fulgencio Batista y Zaldivar of Cuba 3) Chaim Weizmann at White House 4) Mackenzie King 5) Louis St. Laurent 6) President Elpidio Quirino of the Philippines 7) Nehru at airport 8) Shah of Iran and various groups, including the painter Grandma Moses (Anna Mary Robertson).
9:02   “Mr. Truman likes to get around on non-political trips, that is” Correspondents 2) Key West Vacation including Bess, Margaret, Barkley, etc.
10:22   Independence, Truman walking in snow (brief).
10:46   Truman at baseball game – throws out ball.
10:55   35th Division Parade, June 5, 1948.
11:05   Gets ears of corn.
11:13   Gets turkey.
11:26   American Legion Convention.
11:35   Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention, August 22, 1949.
11:43   Shrine Parade.
11:52   Masonic Meeting (St. Louis).
12:10   On to U.S.S. Missouri.
12:47   “Achievement Record with 81st Congress”, talking with Congress, signing foreign aid bill, April 3, 1948.
13:10   Truman signing a document.
13:26   Truman speaking (formal) for General Marshall’s Dinner, June 5, 1949.
14:04   Signing of Atlantic Pact, Truman speaks, April 4, 1949.
15:34   B-29’s flying in formation, Truman watching airpower demonstration.
16:06   Truman signs the Reciprocal Trade Agreement Act, September 26, 1949.
16:24   United Nations building in New York City – dedication, cornerstone laying, Truman speaks, October 24, 1949.
17:26   Truman signs a bill.
17:39   Blimp flying over troop ship, troop ship disembarking.
17:58   Family moving into a house.
18:17   Tearing down of an old building.
18:35   View of apartment buildings.
18:44   View of private dwellings.
19:02   View of workers working, also farmers.
20:21   People shopping.
20:35   Speech by Truman (date unknown, referring to economy).
21:17   The newsreels award a statue to Truman for Kaltenborn imitation at an Electoral College Dinner. The Statuette of a newsreel cameraman was for the Best Performance of the Year , 1948-49, and was presented by the White House News Photographers Association, March, 1949.