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Guide to Videotapes Collection in the Harry S. Truman Library

Compiled by Pauline Testerman with the Assistance of Anita M. Smith, April 2018.

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Videotapes Collection

VT2000- 13 "NORTH AMERICAN PANORAMA: MISSOURI" 1992 Ruenitz Associates Inc. A video that highlights important Missouri cities and individuals. Events from Truman's presidency are focused on, including his role in World War II and Korea. VHS tape.
Total length: 54 minutes
“REX SCOUTEN'S NEWS CONFERENCE WITH CHILDREN AT THE TRUMAN LIBRARY “ 1996 HARRY S. TRUMAN LIBRARY Rex Scouten, White House Curator, talks with and answers questions from local children concerning his years as a White House Curator under ten presidents.VHS tape.
Total length: 39 minutes

KC CROSSROADS KSHB CAL 41 2-PART DEAR BESS LETTERS April 20, 1998 Neil Johnson portrays and reads President Truman's letters to Bess. Still photographs are set to the letters. VHS Videotape

Total length: 7 minutes
TRUMAN LIBRARY LECTURE FEATURING ABBA EBAN 4/19/98, Truman Library. Abba Eban is the Former Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations and the United States. He is the speaker as part of the Israel 50 program put on by the Truman Library. VHS tape.
Total length: 60 minutes
CREWS CONTROL-VNR CURTIS ROOSEVELT 10/12/94, Barkley & Evergreen. Two videotapes showing an interview with Curtis Roosevelt, the grandson of Franklin Roosevelt. He talks about his experiences in the White House. The election of Harry Truman is discussed and he tells about Eleanor Roosevelt's reaction to the election. VHS tape.
Total length: 60 minutes
KANSAS CITY TV SPOT 1995. An advertisement promoting tourism in Kansas City. Harry Truman and the Library are mentioned as an attraction. VHS tape.
Total length: 30 seconds
I REMEMBER HARRY There are two tapes that have interviews with individuals who knew Harry Truman. They share their personal experiences. One of the individuals is a nephew of Eddie Jacobson, name not mentioned; the other individual is Independence Mayor Ron Stewart, who speaks of knowing Truman when Stewart worked for the Independence Police Dept. VHS tape.
Total length: 2 hours
TIME AND THE PRESIDENCY WDAF TV Channel 4 Kansas City (FOX); KMBC TV Channel 9 Kansas City (ABC). News coverage of the TIME exhibit on display at the Truman Library. Hugh Sidey is interviewed, and former President Gerald Ford is shown. VHS tape.
Total length: 6 minutes 30 seconds
GENERAL COLIN POWELL 7/24/98, Harry S. Truman Library. A vid