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Decision: The Conflicts of Harry S. Truman - Butter and Guns, Episode No. 2

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Motion Picture
907 feet
Running Time
25 minutes
Film Gauge
Black & White
Produced by
Columbia Pictures - Ben Gradus in association with Screen Gems and David Noyes

Episode 2. "Butter and Guns." This episode covers the Truman Doctrine and aid to Greece and Turkey.


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Motion Picture

Shot List

  • Reel 1
0:59   Truman speaks of Socrates (stands at bust).
1:26   Credits begin.
2:00   Greek Civil War scenes.
2:21   Truman speaks of learning of Greece as a child, and Greek history.
2:50   Greece around 1946, shows farmers, workers, soldiers, speaks of repression of civil rights and guerilla warfare, attempted takeover by Communists.
3:00   Truman speaks on reports on Greece during this period. Did not know what to believe.
3:53   Parthenon and other historical sites, speaks of Greek civilization and conquering by Rome and Caesar.
4:00   Mussolini: Italy invades Greece; Italian army marching on Greece; Greek Army: battle scenes; retreat of Italian Army.
5:30   Hitler's armies entering Greece: battle scenes; Greek Army wiped out.
6:00   Devastated countryside; famine and disease; Greek refugees.
6:30   Truman speaks of destruction of Greek towns.
7:00   Greek clergyman in burned-out church; grieving woman.
7:30   Nazi's retreat and liberation of Greece; celebrations in streets, dancing and kissing soldiers.
8:00   EAM rebellion against new government in Athens, Civil War begins.
8:30   King returns from exile; church supports Monarchy.
9:30   Truman speaks on warfare in Greece.
10:00   Battle scenes.
10:05   Truman on agitation and fighting in Greece.
10:30   Greece petitions UN, saying EAM was receiving aid from Communist nations.
10:45   UN sent Commission to Athens where they heard all the extremist arguments on both sides.
11:00   British were acting as police force but were unable to afford to maintain an army there.
11:27   Truman speaks of difficulty of deciding what to do when he learned the English were pulling out. He knew when British moved out Stalin would move in.
11:50   Greek people living in poverty and primitively.
12:12   Truman tells a story about Stalin and Churchill and how Churchill told Stalin the Pope wouldn't like it if Poland doesn't have a free government, and Stalin asked "how many Divisions has the Pope?."
12:45   Russian troops.
13:02   Russian planes: Stalin watching.
13:17   Turkey was previous target for Communist expansion; shows Turkish street scenes.
13:23   Black Sea; Russia moving to protect her port on the Black Sea.
13:50   Truman speaks on knowledge that Stalin was going to move in on Turkey, Turkish government asked for help.
14:36   Russian ships.
14:55   Truman speaks on situation in Middle East being like a bucket full of holes - plug up one and the next leaks just as much.
15:19   Greek troops fighting; EAM aided by Communists.
15:45   Truman speaks about knowledge that Russians were arming Greeks in hopes of keeping the country at war. Should we step in? Government of Greece was reactionary but the alternative was turning the country over to the Communists. He didn't want to send our young men there.
16:30   American ships and Naval maneuvers.
16:53   Truman says it was a job for the UN but the UN didn't have the strength to accomplish anything.
17:00   Windmill, springtime in Greece; poverty; starvation.
17:55   Greek fighting.
18:03   Truman speaks on how he decided to support the Greek government rather than let the Country go to a Communist government.
18:27   Aerial view of Greece, and sea.
18:41   Truman speaks of making his decision.
19:00   Sen. Robert A. Taft, Sen. Arthur Vandenburg, Rep. Joseph Martin, Congressional leaders called in.
19:40   Sen. Joseph Martin, Sen. Tom Connally reads a letter from Sen. Vandenburg.
20:00   Truman addresses joint session of Congress about supporting Greek government March 12, 1947.
21:27   Dean Acheson speaks at UN about Greek-Turkish aid bill.
21:47   Mayor Fiorello La Guardia speaks against President; newspaper headlines.
22:09   Henry Wallace says Truman Doctrine opposes peace.
22:51   Senate and House, discusses passing Truman Doctrine.
23:21   Truman speaks of concern for people who were hungry and homeless; purpose of aid bill was to help people live better lives; shows people as they lived in Greece; schools, farms, foreign policy of U. S. is for maintenance of peace in the world; Greek children.